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Pfizer's MRNA Safety Trial Says Fertile, Pregnant and Breastfeeding women in danger

This is pfizer's primary source, which has been backed up on the internet archive, so that when the study is censored/removed from the internet, this link will still point to the original document.

Page 69 indicates that woman who have not been vaccinated can be affected through environmental exposure (work or social contact). This can lead to still birth, abortion or the child can be mentally impaired.

There appears to be a mechanism where the pfizer dna instructions can spread like an infection through unvaccinated people. The document indicates that should pregnant woman or babies be indirectly affected, then this should not be documented in the trial results (since it is unrelated to trial participants).

The rumours are real folks. Just like the rumours about AstraZenneca and blood clots were right.

The scientists, doctors, nurses, vaccine company execs and politicians tried to warn us. But people wouldn't listen or research for themselves.

Read it for yourselves here
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There were also studies in 2020 that you could read about the animal trials. The animals normally died some period after taking the MRNA jabs. This is because the DNA messenger technology instructs our cells to produce a spike-like pathogen to attack. This prepares the body to amount an immune response. However, in the animals and people who are "primed" the body can attack itself extremely powerfully in a number of others locations, due to it mistaking other organs.

This is what stops the placenta from forming and causes either oxygen starvation or aborts the baby. The mother can also pass the dna instructions via her breastmilk to the baby. On a number of occassions the baby will die afterwards.

Unfortunately due to the media censorship this can be attributed to something else or they'll say "there's no (conclusive) evidence". Hence, I think a lot of damage will be done to the global population before people realise.

Let's hope Norway and Nordics share this and stop this before it hurts everybody here. Britain and America are corrupt but I have faith in you Norwegians.

Please share this information. Hopefully somebody who is not corrupted by the UN/EU can stop this!
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Thank you, i`ll spread the news...yes i`ve head the rumours..unbelivebel!
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Se denne:

Her går blant annet DR. Baker ut med dette med vaksinerte som smitter uvaksinerte,de skaper spontan aborter og damenses syklus blir forstyrrer. Han har 30 dagers karantene for alle som er vaksinerte hos hans kontor, for å beskytte sitt personale og han selv. Men han sier at han vet ikke om de vaksinerte kommer til å produsere spiks protain resten av livet eller om det er verst i starten, etter man er vaksinert.Hør hva han har å si (spol til ca 32:00)

Videoen tar også opp andre aktuelle tema.Som dette vaksinepasset, dette må man stoppe. Ellers så mister vi vår frihet.De har også studer selve vaksinen under lupen og funnet ut at det florerer av levende "organismer".(30:00)Videoen tar også opp dette med det sataniske som nå foregår forran våre øyne.